CityPipe Playing Tips

1. Most important advice: build fast, do not let pipes to accumulate. Otherwise you will be consumed in constantly dragging pipes from the bottom to the top. This leaves no time for building the pipeline.
Instead, as soon as a new pipe is generated, quickly find a place for it, drag it there and drop.

2. Avoid pipe rotation — build at those places that do not require you to rotate the pipe:

3. Use Left/Right or Up/Down cursor keys to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. This can save you up to 2 button clicks and that's a lot of time!

4. If you feel that you are losing control over the situation — start building not optimal pipeline. It is not good for the score, but at least you will finish the level.

5. You may also drop some pipes on the free ground, not connecting them to the main pipeline. You won't have to drag them constantly to the top anymore.

6. Plan your optimal pipeline beforehand. Plan how you will build the pipeline and hook up all the customers. Building optimal pipeline also means that you will need fewer pipes and fewer things to connect together, i.e. an easier situation.

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